The Importance of Organizing in Health Care Management

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Formal organizational theory is based on several major principles. Describe four of these principles.
Authority is the lifeblood of the managerial position, and the delegation or distribution of authority makes the organization come alive. Authority may be line or staff in nature.
The span of management sets limits on the number of subordinates a manager can effectively supervise.
The division of work is essential for efficiency. This may require designing jobs (job or work specialization).
The formal structure is the main network for organizing and managing the various activities of the enterprise. Often this is done through departmentalization.

What is organizational design and how does it relate to the organizing function?
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Improves coordination and establishes lateral relationships.
Offers great flexibility to consider ad implement innovative ideas.
Creates team of experts quickly to cope with a sudden change or need.
Dissolves teams without too much repercussion on the overall structure.
Disadvantages -
Sometime the roles of the team members are not clearly defined.
Faced with duality of command because of conflicting directives may come from two bosses.
Employees may not be certain to whom they are supposed to report and whose assignments take priority.
May be a power struggle for the two bosses.
May feel isolated from the mainstream of their home departments and penalized because evaluations and possible promotion opportunities are usually vested in the functional department head and not in the project manager.
Poor coordination, insufficient project preparation, and lack of concise and clear statements of authority.

What are the differences between line and staff jobs? How can these two types of jobs be linked and coordinated?
Line - Employees with direct responsibility to ensure goals re achieved through their subordinates. Line personnel may be advised y staff personnel, but line personnel make the decisions.
Staff - Employees who specialize in specific duties or areas of expertise, but who generally do not make important decisions that affect the organization.
Staff personnel are advisory in their duties, whereas line
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