The Importance of Our Writing System through Ancient Civilization

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Is the development of the writing system the most important factor that led to the rise of a civilization? How does our ancestor learned to write when school is not even available? Understand that writing system that I am referring is not the average of using tools such as ink and paper, but more of creative tool that has developed over time. In this essay, I will cover seven points on the importantance of a writing system in the ancient civilization. Firstly, a writing system enable our ancestor to keep record. Some of the example of such records are, the amount of goods stored in the storehouse, taxes owned and the composition of work forces. Record, in another term is known as data. The ability to analyze data become a significant factor in decision-making. For example, the shortage of food supply in the next month is foresee by the storehouse manager when he is analyzing his records. He will then be able to inform the purchase team to take note and ask for the permission to purchase more from the neighbor country. Quipu, a system of knotted cord used by the Andeans function as a mnemonic device to record information is one example. Secondly, the ability to write enable our ancestor to transmit information to people they have not ever met. Cuneiform in Mesopotamia and oracle bone in ancient Chinese history are evidence of information that has transmit across time and space. It is a person’s words that has been recorded and read by others – decades, or even
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