The Importance of Planning a Negotiation Strategy for Sales Essay

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Post Diagnosis Paper #2 | Oceania! | Role of Seller, General Sales Manager, POP Productions | Mark Peterson W00927582 |

Preparation In preparing for my Oceania negotiation I had to prepare myself to take on the role of the general sales manager for POP Productions. In doing so I read the role of the general sales manager and all the information that would be influencing and guiding my negotiation with the general manager of Windy City Theater about bringing in my Polynesian musical called Oceania. I read and analyzed this information multiple times until I had a complete understanding of the situation I was about to be submerged in and the responsibilities/duties I was obligated to fulfill. After completing this task and
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7. Evaluate and select alternatives h. This is where I planned to use the provided spread sheet in calculating the selected bargaining mixes we agreed upon.
I planned for this negotiation by first identifying what my goals were, choosing an appropriate strategy than creating a planning document that incorporates all the aspects of negotiating demonstrated above.
Actual Negotiation I met Taylor Anderson at Red Square around 4:30 Sunday evening, and it was extremely noisy because it was during the midst of the low-rider car show. I had showed up early to walk around to see all the cars so I wouldn’t be heavily distracted from the negotiation. Once we found an appropriate spot we jumped right into the negotiation. I was the first person to speak up by saying that I wanted to be honest and work together in a collaborative setting. He paused for a second before saying anything but I could tell by his non-verbal sigh of relief portrayed on his face that we had the same intentions for this negotiation. Once we had come to this agreement we started going through the seven collaborative steps to get a better understanding of each other’s interest. We were able to go through the seven steps in a relaxing and friendly manner. When it came to verbal communication we were talking like two friends at a bar which relieved lots of stress and I believe it helped when it came to pooling resources. The fear of
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