The Importance of Practitioners Practitioners

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help someone who is in need when it comes to medical problems? Practitioners are the doctors that people come to first if they are ill, in pain, or if they need to discuss a medical issue they are experiencing. Practitioners help people as much as they can. If you enjoy helping people in medical need, a practitioner might be the way to go for you! Pinpointing an illness and helping to care for patients who have been wounded and or weakened is the job of a general and family practitioner (“Physicians” para. 1). Practitioner help to care for patients who have fallen sick or need medical attention; when a patient gets sick the first person who is usually called is their practitioner (“Family and” para. 1). Patients depend on you for any medical issue; therefore, the decisions you make will have an impact on the patients’ lives (“Family and” para. 2). As the first point of view for the patient your duties are to accurately analyze patents, record medical records, and give patients prescriptions as needed (“Physicians” para. 1). Non-public offices or a clinic is where most physicians carry out their daily routine; they mostly work with administrative and healthcare personnel in the non-public offices and clinics (“Physicians” para. 2). Being in this line of work, you are both sitting and standing, you are also working inside the majority of the time (“Family/General” para. 4). Family and General Physicians usually have the same
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