The Importance of Preserving Traditional Family Values to Improve American Culture

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We live in a culture where we fear each other, hate each other, and even kill each other. How bad do things in our culture have to get before we stop and look at what brought us to this place? I believe that a key part of the answer to that question lies in the family. Although I know there are many good single parents in our culture I want to draw focus to the traditional family as I write this. If we look up the definition of the traditional family we find that it is a basic social unit consisting of parents and their children. Since time began this was how the family was meant to be. A mother and father jointly raising their offspring with their values and beliefs so that those offspring would then continue to improve their …show more content…
Co-director of the National Marriage Project, Barbara Doafoe Whitehead found that Psychologist and Researcher “Judith Wallerstein challenged the earlier notion that divorce is healthy for kids” (322). Wallerstein went on to do a study of middle-class families who had gone through a divorce (322). What she found was “Almost half of the children in the study entered adulthood as worried, underachieving, self-deprecating, and sometimes angry young men and women” (322). This helps us see that when mothers and fathers stay together they have more of an opportunity to raise their children with the love, values, and self-worth needed to succeed with resorting to hate and crime. Having a pleasant and sincere family can also create a support system that will help us with our daily struggles in life. The support we get from family can help us succeed in many ways. I know from personal experience that the support I receive from my family has given me the determination to go back to school, as a result, contributing to our culture when I graduate. Although I have considered it many times throughout the years, if it were not for the guidance and persuasion of my family I never would have had the confidence to follow through with those thoughts. The encouragement we get from our

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