The Importance of Preventative Medicine

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Every decision a person makes in this life has an effect on their health. It may be going for a jog or choosing fast food for lunch; participating in a triathlon or buying a package of cigarettes. Many decisions people make are without any knowledge or regard of the health impact, such as driving a car, using a cellphone, or jumping in Mirror Lake. This all begs the question, are we as a society emphasizing inaugural speech as much we should? Most of today’s health issues are products of a person’s free will and their knowledge of their health. However, such decisions that negatively impact one’s health can be prevented by proper measures and education. Born and raised in Egypt, I had a rather unique cultural and ethnic background…show more content…
It is exactly the kind of agenda I hope to implement as a future practitioner. Partaking in public health and medicine related experiences has been a vital part of my high school and collegiate career. During the summer of 2007, I was a Junior Ambassador at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Being a Junior Ambassador included many responsibilities, such as patient transport, patient assistance, database research, and other various duties. At a young age, such an experience provided me with a foundational understanding of the humanized aspect of medicine. It demonstrated to me the value of a physician in the community on a firsthand basis. I further continued my experience at the Cleveland Clinic in the spring of 2009, where I had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Wael Barsoum for 3 weeks. Dr. Barsoum is a nationally recognized orthopedic surgeon who has worked in the Cleveland Clinic for over 8 years and is an alumnus of The Ohio State University School of Medicine. During our time together, Dr. Barsoum was able to show many types of orthopedic surgery, patient treatments, and his daily routine. To say the experience was enriching and enlightening would be an understatement; it has broadened my horizons and opened my eyes to wonders of medicine. I truly appreciated his work and his skills as a surgeon. My journey with the Cleveland Clinic continued during this past summer as a Research
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