The Importance of Prison Reform Essay

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In this world we live in many feel that prisons exist to punish, not counsel, offenders. That may be true that Prisons exist for punishment, but they also have an important contribution to make to reducing re-offending by engaging prisoners in rehabilitation programs and purposeful work. Society is flawed in its thinking that by putting criminals in a place away from society we would be better off. To make it worse I am sure that more that 60 percent of Americans are against social reform because they have made up their mind that once a crook, always a crook. This is flawed mainly because it seems to assume that showing people that what they've done is wrong will always accomplish something, that punishing those who commit crimes …show more content…
Prison life can be harsh, and time spent in a isolation is even worse. A majority of those in prison spend countless hours in idleness. It would be much better if they used that time to reeducate themselves for a productive life on the outside. Some of the prisoners have serious emotional and mental problems that are never addressed and it is illogical to not attempt to correct these problems before they are released.

There are even worse scenarios that exist in today's prisons. The prison guards have little control and prison can be a violent place because again it is not a place that specializes in rehab. On television shows you see inmates stabbing each other and are quick to assume that it is a dramatization, but it really an occurrence that happens often, in prisons all over the world for that matter. In an article by Raphael Rowe he writes about how a part of him died in prison, and he had to be on his guard constantly, "Once, I was sitting in the television room watching football when someone I knew came in and told me to leave the room. I didn't ask questions: I just left and stood outside. A few seconds later, three other guys came running past me, pillow-cases with eye-holes cut out over their heads, carrying a huge cooking pot full of hot oil. I heard the screams long before some young black guy - a sex offender - came running out, his skin dripping from his face." Such horrid tales should let the general public know that we need to reevaluate

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