The Importance of Project Quality Management

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Chapter 8: Project Quality Management Learning Objectives 2      Understand the importance of project quality management for information technology products and services Define project quality management and understand how quality relates to various aspects of information technology projects Describe quality planning and its relationship to project scope management Discuss the importance of quality assurance Explain the main outputs of the quality control process The Importance of Project Quality Management 3  Crucial element of a good system/product/service etc.  Contribute to company reputation  Applicable to human, product, knowledge, services etc. IT Quality uncheck!  In 1986, two…show more content…
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams 13  Cause-and-effect diagrams trace complaints about quality problems back to the responsible production operations  They help you find the root cause of a problem  Also known as fishbone or Ishikawa diagrams  Can also use the 5 whys technique where you repeated ask the question “Why” (five is a good rule of thumb) to peel away the layers of symptoms that can lead to the root cause Figure 8-2. Sample Cause-and-Effect Diagram 14 2. Quality Control Charts 15  A control chart is a graphic display of data that illustrates the results of a process over time  The main use of control charts is to prevent defects, rather than to detect or reject them  Quality control charts allow you to determine whether a process is in control or out of control   When a process is in control, any variations in the results of the process are created by random events; processes that
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