The Importance of Promoting Organ Donations Essay

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Around the globe thousands of people are placed on a waiting list to receive an organ transplant, for some people the waiting process can be very long, and for others it can be short. To many people having someone give a gift of an organ donation is known has a second chance, a fresh start, and a new beginning at living a normal life again. Every year people on the wait list increase in numbers due to lack of organ donation shortages therefore, finding a donor becomes difficult because in order to receive a transplant the recipient must be compatible with his or her donor in several ways. In order to have a successful transplant the donor must have the same blood type, tissue type, the right size of organ, and be close in age with the…show more content…
Organ donations are encouraged by various facilities because, it’s a positive way to get people interested in donating, and improve organ donation shortages. Unfortunately even with the different facilities attempts to spread the word about organ donations the shortages still continue to dwindle in numbers, and people continue to die while waiting for an organ donor to be found ( UNOS, 2009). There are several reasons that contribute to the causes of organ donation shortages a few of these reason can be mended, repaired, and fixed while other reasons are the result of personal choice. Different religions have view points about organ donation some religions tend to agree with the process, and other’s do not. Some religion agrees with organ donation because, it is viewed as a self sacrifice to help another person who is in need while other religions believe that a body, and its parts should remain intact for crossing over to the next life ( Religious Views on Donation, 1995). Next, a numerous amount of people are lacking the knowledge about organ donation they are not aware of the shortage around the world, and they are not aware of the amazing gift they could give to another person by becoming a donor. In addition, people from different cultures may not personally believe in organ donation this is due to personal beliefs, and ethics. Some people believe it is ethically wrong to donate organs to another human begin, and some
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