The Importance of Protecting and Safeguarding the Interests of the Minority Groups

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Introduction A minority group is a group belonging to a sociological category within a demographic are. All countries have minority groups living in the country. These minority groups are often subject to discrimination and at times racism (Mcllroy 1991). Many governments have put up laws to safeguard the interest of the minority groups. In the United States, there are numerous minority groups. One such minority groups in the 'blacks.' Black Americans have been subject to racism and discrimination for a number of years. This had prompted them to form labor movements that would fight for their rights treated as other white Americans. A minority groups composes of a number of factors. These include race, gender, health, sexual orientation and ethnicity (Mcllroy 1991). Members of these minority groups get exploitation, and it is common to find them belonging to movements that advocate for civil and collective rights. The main category of minority groups consists of racial groups. One example of a labor movement involved in the fight for equal rights of minority groups is the TUC. The Trade Union Congress fights for minority groups in all countries of the world. TUC has played a key role in challenging the social issues that affect most countries. These include homophobia, racism and fascism. Through the motto and ideals, the movement fights for respect, tolerance, dignity, equality, equity and social justice. The main agenda that the union advocates for is an end to racism
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