Essay on The Importance of Punctuality

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Being punctual is important for numerous reasons, all of which can be applied to both military and civilian life, as well as your work life and social life. I think it is important because it shows that you have respect for others. If someone is consistently late to events it shows others around them that they have little or no respect for others and their time. Time is a valuable thing and it should be viewed as such. If a person has commitments and responsibilities involving others, they should realize that others time is just as important as their own. Someone that is consistently late shows others that they believe their time is more valuable than others. Also by being late a person disrupts all the others involved in the event, which…show more content…
As someone new to our company I should have considered this. My actions have set a negative impression of myself for my fellow soldiers and my NCOs’. Instead of being viewed in a good light it may be possible that I am seen as someone that is irresponsible and undependable. If I am unable to manage my time effectively and be on time, others may have the impression that I am not responsible enough to do my job efficiently and correctly. In turn that impression could affect my career for a long period of time.
Along with being respectful and responsible, being on time also means that you are more likely to know what is going on. Most of the time, the beginning of a meeting or a formation for that matter may be used to put out important information. Information in which leaders think is pertinent. If someone is late to a formation or meeting they run the risk of not getting the information put out or getting a misconstrued version from a fellow person. Without proper information that person is more likely to be late again and again starting a cycle that may be hard to break. As someone in the military this is something that should be avoided. A cycle of not being in the right place at the right time could lead to punishment such as UCMJ, extra duty, and in some scenarios a separation from the army. Being on time also sets a good example for others, if someone is late without
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