The Importance of Purebred Dogs by Babette Haggerty

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Take a moment and picture a dog in your head. What do you see? You may see many different things depending on your own personal encounters with the species. There are many types of dogs out there. Some small, some large, long-haired or short-haired. There are many variances in what a dog can look like. One thing that does not change, or should not change, is the importance for every dog in this world to be given love and affection, no matter its characteristics. This is what leads me to believe that the obsession with producing and owning purebreds needs to come to a halt. Continuing to create these so-called “best dogs” is dangerous to not only the purebred’s health, but also devalues mixed breeds and can cost them their lives in animal…show more content…
They look at the dog’s pure genes as a guide to knowing the dog’s characteristics and personalities comparable to that specific breed. Something they aren’t remembering is that genes carry health issues as well, and in reality purebreds are more susceptible to genetic diseases than mixed breeds. Veterinarian and blogger, Dr. Patty Khuly, claims that she “generally observe[s] at least one genetic disease in nine out of 10 purebred patients during their first examination (Khuly).” That’s at least one disease in 99% of the purebreds that she is personally examining. The reason mixed-breeds are less likely to face these issues is because they derive from different breeds of dogs and “when you mix two or more separate gene pools, the recessive genes that carry the health problems are buried (“Why Mixed Breeds”).” Simply put by a blogger from Global Animal, “genetic diversity in dogs leads to healthier, stronger individuals (Armentano).” Although I agree that it could be helpful to know how a dog is expected to act and the skills it should have, I feel what is most important and what people really should be concerned with is the health of the dog, rather than knowing the expected characteristics. According to what I have researched mixed-breeds are just healthier than purebred dogs and I think that is something that should definitely be noted. Not only is this obsession with producing purebreds dangerous to those

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