The Importance of Quran

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Dr. Nuha al Shaar
Arabic 301- Arabic Prose until end of 3rd Century
Sally Al Nazer-36794
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The importance of the Quran in influencing the literary Arabic genres
Quran is a very influential masterpiece in terms of religion, Islamic sciences and other Arab literary genres. In fact, Quran was not only restricted to spreading and prompting Arabic as a critical language to Muslims, but also Quran influenced the Arabic literature as we can highlight some differences between the pre Islamic and Islamic Arabic literary genres, such as the differences in poets. Thus, the unique relationship between Arabic and Quran is framed by the importance of the Qur’an in influencing the literary history of Arab-Islamic civilization and the
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For this reason, Scholars say that borrowing or using Quranic quotations should skillfully extracted and inserted in the literary material; i.e. suitably. And only by this way it is permissible. (Kadi & Mir, 2012). It goes without saying that, the usage of iqtibas in the Arabic literature and the development of many literary works on the discussion of iqtibas (e.g Al Zarkashi, kitab al burhan fi olum al quran), were one form of the Quranic influence on the Arabic literature.
Moving to the other aspect of the Quranic influence, many works appeared as a result of defining and analyzing poetry and its features in order to interpret and analyze Quranic words and their meanings. The literary criticism developed since the revelation of Quran. The literary criticism also resulted in the attempts of discussing the relationship between the inimitable Quran and the balagha of its language in a book entitled Majaz al Quran by Abu Ubayda (Roger, 2000). Furthermore, other works that contributed to the literary criticism such as Tafsir, and Ma’ajem al lugha al Arabiya were developed as an outcome of the philologists collection and compilation of the tradition poetry and the archived classical language. Many philologists contributed to the work of compilation of anthologies, traditional poems, mu’allaqat and mufaddaliyyat such as the compilation of Khalaf Al Ahmar. Also, the importance
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