The Importance of Renewable Energy Sources

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1. Introduction Currently the renewable energy issue is intensely acknowledged, both by the specialists and general public. There has been published a huge amount of literature in the field of renewable energy sources, which has increased in the last years in absolute and relative terms [1]. Nevertheless, the debate regarding the support instruments and schemes for the development of renewable energy projects is far from being over, since more and more companies and public authorities are involved. This study examines the public policies to support the development of renewable energy in Romania, with the aim to disclose their objectives, regulations, measures, results and changes made in recent years. Therefore, this study examines firstly the support schemes for the development of renewable energy in the European Union, underlining the arguments to support the renewable energy, as well as the main barriers for its development. Secondly, this study analyses the renewable energy sector in Romania in terms of theoretical and economic potential, production and consumption of renewable energy, and legislation related to the renewable energy. Thirdly, this study discloses the main issues of the public renewable energy policy in Romania, starting with an overview of the tradable green certificates system, and revealing the changes of the Romanian support scheme and the possible effects of the policy changes. The research was conducted using evidence provided by articles (such as
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