The Importance of Respect Throughout Society

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The Importance of Respect Throughout Society

There are many forces at work that keep organizations, society, and mankind in general operating. These can range from the moral basis of the said organization or civilization, to logistic and financial structure, to the motivation and views of the people in it, the policies of the leader or leaders, as well as their finesse and charisma, all the way to the traditions and customs that make the organization stand out uniquely and its people proud to be a part of it. Those are just a few as there are many, many more, probably too numerous to name. But one force and concept holds most, if not all, of the others together to give any true organization its life and soul. That concept is respect.
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A lot of people believe in respecting someone in high regard if that person is significantly older or more experienced than them in something. The military has a rank structure used as a means to identify persons in a position of authority, also used to point out experience within those ranks, and teaches junior members from the start the importance of respecting all people within that organization with a superior rank, in order to establish good order and discipline. Ultimately, respect could be summed up by regarding anyone of high stature, higher authority, or higher age in special or elevated esteem. To try to pinpoint exactly when respect was first shown by early people is impossible, as the first signs of it we have seen were in prehistoric times, where there is no definitive written records. However, it has been shown in evidence that more than fifty thousand years ago, there were signs of individuals held in high esteem by larger groups of people. This was usually due to either exceptional hunting or fighting skills, organization of those groups, perceived medical skills or mystical qualities, or various other social or gathering skills. Even though there were no standing armies at the time, there were still skilled people looked up to in order to defend or organize the defense of camps against other humans or even large predators outside of the tribe. Occasionally,
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