The Importance of Responsibility in the Filsm In Fried Green Tomatoes and A River Runs Through It

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Fried Green Tomatoes involves a character who is known as Ruth who is friends with another character named Idgie, both of these characters have a lifelong adventures together. In A River Runs Through It, there is the main character, Norman, who looks after his younger brother Paul and tries to keep him out of trouble the best he can. In A River Runs Through It, and Fried Green Tomatoes, both Ruth and Norman are responsible, although Ruth’s responsibility is more submissive while Norman’s responsibility is more aggressive. In Fried Green Tomatoes and A River Runs Through It Ruth and Norman are the more responsible characters. In A River Runs Through It Norman is responsible to look after his younger brother and be there when his younger brother needs him. Norman is the responsible brother. It shows how Norman is a more responsible brother when Paul and Norman go to the bar unknowingly. Norman went with Paul to the bar until he found out that Paul was up to his head in debt. Norman tells Paul that he needs to stop and to get in the car and never to come back. Although Paul never went with him, it showed that Norman was responsible to take his younger brother Paul’s problems into his own hands for a point of time. Normans responsibility is also shown when Norman takes his girlfriend’s Jessie’s brother out to fish. Taking Jessie’s brother out to fish was very difficult for Norman…
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