The Importance of Sacraments

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Throughout the history of religion, the significance of sacraments has remained unchanged. According to Downey, there are key terms in relation to the language of sacraments. These words are rite, ritual, liturgy, worship, grace, sign, symbol, and sacrament (Downey, Michael). "Although these outward signs, symbols, and tokens may differ among various religions, the role they play in worship is unanimous. Many of these sacraments are held as sacred practices and viewed as necessary. Within the practice of Roman Catholicism there are seven sacraments that can be made. These sacraments are comprised of baptism, confirmation, confession, marriage, the appointment of priests or holy orders, and the anointing of the sick. Each of the above mentioned sacraments serve as a visible or outward sign of our “inward grace.” The use of these sacraments in worship affords us the opportunity to give to God that to which we owe him, in turn we are provided with the graces needed in order to live a truly human life. The first of the sacraments- that of baptism, confirmation, and Holy Communion- are those of greatest importance as our life as a Christian is dependent upon them. Baptism is necessary as it first cleans us of the effects of the original sin and now signifies our acceptance into the church. The second of the seven sacraments is that of confirmation. This is important because after making our confirmation, our baptism is now perfected and we are now able to receive the gift of the

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