The Importance of Samuel Pepys Diary

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The Importance of Samuel Pepys Diary Imagine witnessing one of the most defining points in the history of England and living to speak of it, Samuel Pepys did just that. Samuel Pepys kept a diary while major events in history went on throughout his life. Pepys began writing his dairy on January 1, 1660 and concluded it in 1669. The diary contained Samuel Pepys inner most personal thoughts and was only intended for personal keeping but went on to become famous. Samuel Pepys diary is one of the most important pieces of literature in England’s history because it tells descriptive information about the coronation of King Charles II, detailed crucial events in history, and outlined how people lived in mid-17th century England. Samuel Pepys wrote about many important things in his diary and one of those items happened to be about King Charles II coronation. Pepys started writing April 22, 1661, the day before the coronation. He wrote about the King’s procession Ye Tower to White Hall which is where the coronation was to be held. Pepys was very excited for this day writing, “it is impossible to relate the glory of this day” (Samuel Pepys). He wrote about the party in the streets and the excitement of the day. The following day was the coronation. The coronation day it-self was a very glorious and special day for all the people in England. Pepys wrote his observations on how many people were there, praised the king and how marvelous he looked, and took into account the order in

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