The Importance of Schedule Controlling

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MBS 641 Project Management Assignment 1

The Importance of Schedule Controlling

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1 Introduction 1
2 Managing Project Time 1 2.1 Control Changes 2 2.2 Observe Performance 3 2.3 Follow Up, Follow Up, and Follow Up 3 2.4 Develop and Implement a Reporting Strategy 4
3 How Do Scheduling Control Play an Important Role During Project Development 5 1. Influencing the Factors that Create Schedule Changes to Ensure that Changes are Beneficial 7 3.2 Determining When Schedule is Amended 8 3.3 Managing the Amended Schedule 9
4 Conclusion 10 References 11
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Continuously refer to the statement of work or scope document help eliminate scope creep (non-controlled changes in a project). • Use a predetermined process of change control and approval to add to or redefine the scope of the project. 2.2 Observe Performance • Once a control process is in place, the project manager and stakeholders must then balance between being too aggressively involved or too hands off. Task owners need a reasonable amount of time to complete their tasks. They appreciate follow-up but not constant observation. • During the control phase, the project manager must be fully and actively engaged. Human behavior plays a very large role in controlling the project schedule as it relate to timely task completion. The project manager must have a keen awareness of what is happening (or not happening) with the project and must be alert to possible risks. 2.3 Follow Up, Follow Up, and Follow Up • Routinely update the schedule. If a participant is not available during a normally schedule’s update session, arrangements are strongly suggested to get the latest news in advance so that information can be shared with the rest of the project team and stakeholders. • A tried and true management theory still works -- management by walking around. Stakeholders, team leaders and the project manager cannot control a project strictly from their offices. To effectively control a project, the

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