The Importance of School Counselors

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A school counselor’s role is vital in many schools across America. Many students see their counselor, to work on any emotional stressors, academic changes and challenges. This may include, interventions, group therapy and changes in class schedule, but sometimes with all the implementations given, students do not succeed in school. Perhaps one needs to take a closer look at the programs being implemented and its success rate. In addition, a counselor should guide itself using the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) to provide evidence based practices in schools. According to Carey and Dimmitt, it is essential for counselors to use evidence-based practice to make sure they are able to ensure and improve student outcomes (2008).…show more content…
I find it this more reasonable and effective for a counselor to do. A research based program has done all the work of creating a variable (experimental group) and a control group to show if a program’s effectiveness. This means the counselor can see the results of the experimental group and see if this would work for the group intended. As mentioned by Carey and Dimmitt, research based interventions ensure that the school’s resources are invested wisely. This means, the counselor can rely on the program and be able to predict positive outcomes. Another method for a counselor to use science in their practice is to make sure the intervention or program used has strong research support. While many may not hold strong support to be shown to be effective, a counselor must evaluate its effectiveness for the students. I find this part of science more difficult for counselors to implement due to time constraints and resources. While there may be many programs out there, not all may be ideal for all schools. The counselor can experiment and see if works well for the intended students or perhaps continue to find more research to back up the program. Often times, this leads to counselors developing their own programs or curriculum but their outcomes be unknown and not as valid as solid research based programs. Therefore, if the
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