The Importance of School

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The place where I developed into the person I am today is my school. Consider how important school is to a teenager. It is the social hub, a place for arts and athletics, and it is a place of learning. I put in what a working person would call a full shift, and by doing so I have learned a tremendous amount, not only in terms of my coursework, but in terms of interacting with others, learning what people expect of me, and learning how to be a better person, so that I am better prepared for college and the "real world". This knowledge will undoubtedly serve me later, but already I can see the benefits of what I learned when I was younger. This essay will discuss some of the things about this high school that have contributed to my development. The essay will close with a discussion about how this development has helped me already and will help me in the future when I leave high school. High school is a place where you enter as a child, and exit as an adult. Naturally, then it plays a tremendous role in how you grow. Academically, I went from learning basic things to having a strong foundation of knowledge I can build upon. I am learning not only facts, figures and theories, but how to think like an adult. Each year, I build on my skills and when I graduate I will be ready to take the next step in life. Maybe the most important thing I have learned in high school is socializing. This seems fairly natural, but really when you think about it, socializing is one of the
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