The Importance of Self-Awareness in Counselling

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Folashade Oloniyo
In this essay, the characteristics of a counsellor and a friend will be expanded upon in order to gain a greater knowledge for deciphering the two.

We all have been in situations where we hit a brick wall in our life and are unsure of the next step or the next move to make. We have close friends to whom we can turn and reach out to, but in some situations, are they really our best option for help? Friends are needed for support on many levels, but on others, professional reinforcement may be of greater good. With that said, I challenge you the reader and ask the questions: What is counselling? How does a counsellor
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I told her that as long as she keeps the door to her life open, he will continue to come back and let himself in. she says its hard, that she’s afraid to let him go and stand alone. My question to her was, ‘are you happy now? He sleeps with you when he needs a fix, but lives with another woman and their child. You can’t tell me that you’re happy. It may hurt for a while, but trust me; you’ll thank God that you did it in the end. I’m sorry about your loss, and please don’t get upset when I say this, but I do believe everything happens for a reason. You should deem this your second chance.’ I could feel she didn’t like my delivery, but I also felt that I was heard. All I can do is hope and pray that my words solidify in the back of her mind.’’

As a counsellor, you have an obligation to remain objective and non-judgmental at whatever is said to you by your client. I can recall feeling slightly judgmental; I thought to myself that my client/friend was making completely unhealthy and unwise decisions. Her actions were so silly and desperate and completely opposite to how I would have acted. I attempted to transfer my views as diplomatically as possible, trying not to cause a wall of defense to be built. In an actual client and counsellor setting, this type of thinking definitely defies objectivity standpoints that counsellors should ensue.

Objectivity is
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