The Importance of Self-Reflection

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Introduction An individual's personality develops out of the perception of those who are around them and how they interactions with people in the community (Martin & Yeung, 2003). This enables one to internalize and assume what people perceive them to be. People construct their personalities based on other people's opinions on them. The society moulds language and communication skills, conflict handling and better judgments. This reflects of how they need to relate with others hence molding their personality through the society's judgment. Cooley summarizes that, "I am not what I think I am and I am not what you think I am; I am what I think that you think I am" (Cooley, 1998). Importance of Reflecting on Other Persons Perception Others Self Image Others Self Feedback Reflecting on other people's perception develops self-actualization. Through interaction with others, one gets a clear picture of who they are. To improve interpersonal skills, one must first be aware of how we are perceived by others who interact with us. Feedback is the channel that informs one on areas that need change. For one to be an effective leader, they have to have self-awareness of their strengths and limitations. This can be achieved through reflection on other people's perception. Reflection of One's Self from Point of View of a Team Member Gibson Model AnalysisEvaluationFeelingThoughtContext Analysis Evaluation Feeling Thought Context Future ActionReframe Future
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