The Importance of Setting Repetition in Siddhartha and Candide

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The path to maturity and enlightenment can’t be completed in just one step. Trials are the events that define a hero, but even when he reaches the final destination, it isn’t his end identity that is most important; it’s the journey by which he suffers and conquers. In order to experience the troubles that define him, he must travel from his home. The importance of location is vital for a hero because it allows for varying situations and more chance for growth. There are settings, however, that repeat themselves within the course of their quests. This is representative of the cyclical nature of the world and life. One cannot always be somewhere new; there are always recurring events in life that are vital for change. Candide by Voltaire…show more content…
He reaches the end of the forest, however, and walked straight into El Dorado. For the second half of his voyages, he searches for Cunegonde, traveling from El Dorado, back to Europe, and then finally finding her in Turkey. In each location, he still searches for the best of all worlds, yet no matter where he ends up, it is never complete without his love. The sea is the venue by which Candide finds hope that he will somehow land in the right spot to find his fair maiden. The sea is flowing, it is vast, and it is a great mystery. It is only by great chance that Candide lands at the right shore where Cunegonde dwells. Without the sea to take him on his journey, he would not have been able to make the choices he does about life as well as receive multiple shots at the specific happiness he desires. Siddhartha is a man of destiny, yet he doesn’t reach it unless he endures the hardships he puts himself through. The forest and the river are only venues that transport him to and from each destination, yet they are extremely instrumental to his potential development. It is under the banyan tree that he decides to depart from his home, where he finds Gotama pondering before exiting the Jetavana Grove, and where he last makes love to Kamala before leaving her. The significance of these trees is to allow a place for piece and tranquility so that Siddhartha can arrive at revolutionary conclusions. The forest is the primary place that

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