Essay on The Importance of Setting in Literature

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The story has different elements that make it a story, that make it whole. Setting is one of those elements. The book defines setting as “the context in which the action of the story occurs” (131). After reading “Soldier’s Home” by Ernest Hemmingway, setting played a very important part to this story. From researching about setting in a story, I have found many wonderful sources that help me prove my point. For example, William Tapply explains setting in his article, “setting comprises all the conditions under which things happen: region, geography, neighborhood, buildings, interiors, climate, weather, time of day, season of year.” A different setting could possibly change the outcome or the mood of the story and this could make the same story become different in many ways. In this paper are some explanations I believe why setting can be diverse.
First, if there was a point made of the setting what would this story be like? “The setting may provide conflict (Bond).” A wonderful point made by Meredith, a writer recognized by the Washington DC Romance Writers of America. Meredith mentions in her post that places such as bustling cities to small country towns can cause a conflict with the character. Is this why Hemmingway mentioned Germany and Paris compared to Oklahoma? Would Kreb’s still be in Paris or Germany or would he have come home earlier if he knew his hometown was a more bustling town? Paris and Germany added a more exciting sense to the story when…