Essay on The Importance of Sex Education

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Children and young adults today distinguish right from wrong based on their previous knowledge. The education they receive plays a major role in the way they make decisions. Sex is a controversial topic brought up frequently throughout a child's life. Based on the way it is taught, the child makes decisions that may forever change his or her life. (Sex Education That 3) Although it is often opposed, the two most essential ways children learn about sex today is the education they receive at home and at school. The relationship and behavior between children and their parents is crucial to the ways these children shape their own sexual ideas and values A child who perceives his relationship to his parents as supportive and …show more content…
(Sexual Values 68) If all parents were to teach, clarify, and help their children understand, it would provide better means for coping with sexual needs in a responsible manner. (Choosing Virginity 70) Ignorance and bliss are not valid excuses for providing the much-needed sex education. However, the home setting is still very beneficial.
Sex education does not always refer to the education of sex. It involves many different concepts put together to inform children, and young adults about their society. It is also the process of acquiring information and forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, sexual identity, relationships, intimacy, and developing young people's skills so that they make informed choices about their behavior. In addition, many parents would also like schools to share the responsibility for helping their kids learn to make healthy choices that protect themselves and others. (Single-Sex Education 3)
Sex education in school differs from in the home. For instance, a survey conducted in 1985 by Louis Harris states that nine out of ten parents say they want their children to receive more sex education in school than at home. (Sexual Values 43) The school's duty is not to preach about whether or not any particular kind of sexual behavior is good or bad, or to judge the correctness of the attitudes and behavior of the teenagers. Rather, it is to teach a proper respect for sex and a realization of its beauty, while still approaching it
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