The Importance of Sex Education

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With sex being a sensitive subject for parents to discuss with their children, they believe it is not appropriate to discuss these types of delicate subjects at any age. It is not because they don’t want to inform them, but because they want to protect them. Even though they don’t know that be keeping it from them, their children are far from safety every day. However, with today’s high birth rates at early ages, the question is no longer “should sex education be taught?” but “how sex education should be taught?” With teens engaging in sexual activity, which results in pregnancy and the contraction of STD’s such as HIV at such a young stage, sex education being taught in schools should be of higher demand now than ever before. Sex education is a class that provides students an opportunity to ask questions and obtain true facts, without the embarrassment of going to their parents. Sex, should be taught at schools regardless of the subjects delicacy. Those shy parents who do not let their children be tend to rebel. They start sneaking out and experimenting without having a care. One thing leads to another and they will eventually end up having sex. To prevent these types of rebellious issues parents should, give their children space, and when they do that, have the sex talk with them, not so they could go out and have sex, but for when that time comes they will make wise choices. For parents to get confident to be open with their children, school should give them a small
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