The Importance of Sheila's Role in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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The Importance of Sheila's Role in An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

At the beginning Sheila was not one of the main characters as Birling takes centre stage. Setting on the play seemed revolved around the characters. The older furniture in the living room matched the aging and upper class type that is Birling. During the play Sheila is the only concerned and totally serious character to the situation. There are some well linked scenes in the play setting a mood for Sheila with the marriage, her husband to be Gerald. The pink light in the house makes Shila feel more relaxed as the set looks almost like a love scene.

During the play, Sheila is the main link between the Inspector and the
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This sudden chance in language implicates how her attitude in the play is changing to a more mean and ruthless in her anguish towards their casual behaviour.

The Inspector is a Catalyst in the character and emotions of Sheila, on impact hitting the house hold with shame. She is the most interested of people asking everyone what exactly they did, just like a second inspector who wants to put together the whole picture for the audience. Other example of this role is like when she spoke to Gerald. "What about this girl?" Her role is to be the girl that needs to know everything and gets the most upset with the strong concerns with deep emotions(urgently, cutting in) and (slowly, carefully now) as her main role is to connect with the audience.

By expressing her emotions of remorse she keeps the viewer informed of the tragic events that is their responsibility in killing the Eva Smith."(With feeling) Mother, I think it was cruel and
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