The Importance of Site Investigation

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Contents 01. – The importance of site investigation Page 2 – 4 1.02 – Trial Pits Page 4 1.03 – Auger holes Page 4 – 5 1.04 – Boreholes Page 5 – 7 1.05 – Soil sampling Page 7 1.06 – In-situ testing Page 8 1.07 – Quasi-static cone penetration testing Page 8 – 9 1.08 – Dynamic probing Page 10 1.09 – The Standard Penetration Test Page 11 1.10 – Field vane test Page 12 1.11 – Classifications of Soils Page 13 1.12 – Size range of grains Page 13 – 14 2.00 – Walk over survey Report Page 15 – 19 2.01 – Summary Page 19 – 20 Appendix ‘A‘ Walk over site drawing Page 21 Appendix ‘B’ Site photos and Site Position Page 22 1.01 -The importance of site investigations Any site investigations…show more content…
They are never routine. On each site, the process is tailored to the specific project and the specific ground conditions. Ground investigations classify the soils beneath the site into broad groups: each group contains soils with similar engineering behaviour. The simplest classification used by engineers divides the ground into five categories: rock, granular soil (e.g. sands or gravels), cohesive soil (e.g. clays), organic soil (e.g. peats) and fill or made ground. From the desk top survey we have found out that the Dagenham area is made up of London clay Clay can be recognised as being smooth and silky to touch with no grains visible to the naked eye. It may also contain silt sized particles (barely visible to the naked eye) together with sand (which will be visible and would give a grittier feel). In general the finer the soil is (more clay particle and less silt or sand sized particles), the greater its shrinkage potential. Ideally, a suitable site investigation should be undertaken to determine the nature and condition of the underlying clay soil. Ground water conditions are significant because they can affect construction in a number of ways: • A high groundwater table can lead to extra costs and make constructions more difficult, e.g. because of the need for increased support and
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