The Importance of Sleep for College Students

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Sleep is important for the mind and body to function properly; it is required for survival (Global Sleep). According to the national sleep foundation, about 40 million American suffer from sleep disorders (NSF). Sleep deprivation affect woman more than man. Also, woman who work night shift are more likely to get less sleep than those who work morning shift; and have more difficulty conceiving. Studies show that insufficient sleep may lead to problems such as concentrating, making wise decisions and actions that are not safe, especially among college students (NSF).
Most college students are deprived of sleep all the time due to many of thing such as: partying late, staying up late studying, procrastination, drugs, alcohol and poor sleep habits. Not getting enough sleep can play a big role when it comes to academic performances. Sleep is a major factor when it comes to college students; however, it is what college students lack the most. College students are among the most sleep deprived people in America; many college students do not sleep enough (CMW). When students do not get enough sleep at night, they usually have problem focusing in class, students tends to just fall asleep which leads to not paying attention. Some college students find themselves failing certain classes because they are either always missing class or sleeping in…
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