The Importance of Social Networking

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Social Networking

Andrea Whitfield
Ashford State University

INF 103 March 15, 2010

In today’s society knowledge, having technical skills and access to information technologies, is becoming very important for people who have become open mind and supportive with social connections. Although resources and opportunities may be available, one may not necessarily be aware of their existence, or even have direct access to them. In those cases, getting to know people from different backgrounds, grades of expertise, and social levels turns out to be essential or can be negative from all areas of networking. For instance, who among us has never needed a letter of recommendation in order to get a job, or had to rely on a referral in
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Badoo has an estimated 124 million users, a truly global operation, the site is managed and run from London, and most of its users are based in Latin America, Spain, Italy and France.(Connell, 2009) The list continues with Bebo at 117 million users bought by AOL. LinkedIn has 115 million users and is a business-based social network. Orkut, 100 million users is another Google-owned site; Orkut is very popular in India and Brazil. MySpace with 50million users once dominated the social networking market, but declined steadily from 2008. Social networking is growing stead vastly and will continue to grow with the advance of technology.(Connell,2009)

Social networking is a place where the sense of popularity is known and the more friends you have on your face book the more popular you seem to become, but is this good or bad? How many of your 'friends' on face book do you actually know when you see them out and about and how many of them do you interact with? Many people have taken to adding anyone they think they have something in common with on face book for one reason or another. Just because they added them does not mean they will ever communicate with them.
The bad part of all this has to do with status and in a society where people want to be more than just 'that person' we have come to want more friends on face book. Twitter is the same way but can be ugly as many people and their favorite stars to

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