The Importance of Solar Energy in Napal Essay

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Energy plays a vital role in the survival as well in the economic development. Nepal being a developing country, technological and economical hindrances causes generation of the renewable energy extremely difficult. The traditional sources of energy such as biomass are frequently used in Nepal, especially in household purpose. This has led to the degradation of the natural resources. On the other hand, for the commercial purpose, the fossil fuels such as petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG are used for the running of vehicles, stationary engines, boilers, cooking, lightening. These fuels need to be imported from other countries, so that about 40 percent of the foreign currency is being gone out of the country for these petroleum products. This is due to the fact that we are unable to exploit the potential of the renewable hydropower energy. Nepal has huge potential of hydropower. According to the current estimation Nepal has approximately 40,000 MW of economically feasible hydropower potential. However, only approximately 680 MW of hydropower has been able to develop till now and which do not meet the annual power demand (HLDCL, 2012, para. 2). Many hydropower are under the construction and are not complete due to economic condition of our country. Due to this fact, completion period has been extended resulting in daily power cut which can extended to 14 hours a day. Hence alternative source of energy may be useful for the development of the country. Thus, solar energy might be…

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