The Importance of Speech, Language, and Communication

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1.1 Speech is when someone speaks out loud and verbally asks a question or they express their own opinions, feelings and ideas they may have. An example of this is if a child was to ask me to do there coat up, this is an example of someone using speech to ask a question.

Language is a preferred way a person want to use when communicating. Most people speak the language they have been brought up with for example English. Language can be understood by using signs, body language, sign language and gestures to communicate. An example of language is if a practitioner is telling the children to be quite they would use a hand gesture by putting their finger on to their mouth. Communication can be seen in different ways. When someone is communicating with another person and they have their head down and are talking with a quieter voice, this shows they are down by looking at their body language and the way they are communicating with you.

When someone has SLC needs this means they have trouble with communicating. This could be for various reasons such as the person having learning difficulties or impairments which will make it harder for the person to understand and communicate. Another reason is they may speak a different language and can’t understand the language being spoken to in.
1.2 SLC skills supports ‘Learning Development’ by, using SLC skills to have the ability to communicate effectively and they can understand the language they are being spoken to in,
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