The Importance of Stem Cell Research Essay examples

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Throughout our history, scientists continue to experiment and make discoveries that expand our knowledge of the world and the full potential of the matter around us. As the medical research of scientists improves, new treatments are found that enable people to have a longer lifespan and live healthier. Medical researchers continue to discover new medicines that help people overcome fatal diseases and allow them to achieve a more sustainable life. As scientists research the potential of treatment for diseases, there is a promising future in stem cells that offer a possible treatment for a wide variety of diseases. Scientists discover the capabilities of stem cells through their ability to repair, their opportunity of treatment, and their…show more content…
Once the child is born, adult stem cells in the tissues carry-out the necessary growth throughout their life (“What are Some Different Types of Stem Cells?”). Embryonic stem cells can be acquired from an abortion or fertilized eggs left over from in vitro fertilization, which is a process that joins a woman’s egg and a man’s sperm in a laboratory and once it is fertilized, the embryo is injected back into the woman’s womb. Adult stem cells are cells that are for specific cell types, like blood, skin, and muscle, and despite the name, adult cells are in children as well as adults (“Stem Cells Research”). They are limited to the possible cell types that they can become due to their tissue of origin, where as the embryonic stem cells are unlimited to any cell type in the body. There are restraints to the possible uses of adult stem cells due to the fact that they are limited to the number of cell types that they can form and they are difficult to extract from the tissue because they are not abundant (“Stem Cell Information” 5). Stem cells allow for our bodies to repair damaged cells and replicate into different cell types to allow growth throughout our life. As scientists continue to gain new knowledge of stem cells and their capabilities, there are opportunities revealed for treatments and possible cures for diseases. In the article, “Stem Cell
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