The Importance of Studying Sociology

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The study of Sociology helps us to understand the human social relationships, why we are as we are and why we act as we do. Today’s world is a complex place, as the world continues to change and bring new ways to living with and relating to others new problems in society appeared. Sociology has a great importance as is the best approach to understand the social phenomena. The study of sociology includes the study of social behaviour and social change which can reveal how society shapes our lives and how our behaviour changes. It helps us to understand such things as diversity, globalization, the changing world, social interaction, economics and social work. Consequently the study of sociology is a guide for research in a truly scientific and empirical way of social phenomena. The study of sociology recognizes the problems of society and develops the capacity to provide solutions to social problems in order to have cohesion and stability in the society. It also helps to develop the individual capacity of having a critical view of large social trends. Sociology studies how our individual lives and personal troubles are shaped by institutions and formal organizations. How the development of those affect to the social interaction. As societies grow larger and more complex it is necessary to provide stable patters to support the human needs. It is through sociology that with the study of social institutions or formal organizations helps to have more precise knowledge about the
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