The Importance of Teacher Tenure in Public Schools Essay example

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Most would ask, "What exactly is teacher tenure?". Well, in short teacher tenure is a permanent job contract for school teachers. Teachers can earn tenure by proving their teaching skills over a specific number of years while working at the same school. In most cases the number of years a teacher must work at the same school is anywhere from two to seven years. After receiving tenure a teacher cannot lose his or her job without just cause, for example obvious incompetence or severe misconduct. Tenure offers job security to teachers that have successfully completed their probational period of teaching. (Heard) So the questions is, should teacher tenure be abolished in public schools? One's answer should be no. Teacher tenure is …show more content…
Think of it this way, experience is important. Tenure is one way to reward experience. Some argue that tenure allows bad teachers to stay in the classroom. Teachers that are just there to put in their time and don't really care about the students themselves. They feel that granting teachers tenure encourages them to become complacent about their jobs. “Tenures are something that can be beneficial to students, as well. By providing job security, teachers can concentrate on teaching, instead of worrying about overly obsessed parents coming after them. Take for instance, a parent getting a coach fired because they did not give their son or daughter enough play time on the court. There is the classic scenario of parents that will look for a teacher's flaws in teaching before they look for flaws in their child as a student.”(Sharifi) The bottom line is that tenure is a complex issue, most do not understand what it is or how it works. Tenure policies vary from state to state, so its not surprising that most are not really famililar with it. Also it only effects a small number of the population. Many are confused as to just what rights tenured teachers have, or whether they can even be fired. First of all most should know that teacher tenure has a system of due process, checks, and balances so that teachers can be fired--just not to easily. Before argueing that teacher tenure should be abolished, one should listen to a few points.

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