The Importance of Teacher’s Part in the Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

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The Importance of Teacher’s Part In the Disruptive Behavior In the Classroom Prepared by Aclan, Olga Enriquez, Zarah Mae Salazar, Aprilyn Prepared to: Mrs. Rose Mae Ann LUmanglas Instructress Table of Contents I. Introduction a. Statement of the Problem b. Significance of the Study II. Body a. Conceptual Literature b. Research Literature III. Summary and Recommendation IV. Bibliography a. Books b. Journals c. Unpublished Materials d. Web Resources I. Introduction Disruptive behavior can be defined as any behavior that disturbs, interferes with, disrupts, or prevents any normal operations and functions. It is the most common reasons children are referred for mental health…show more content…
Other Distracting Behaviors • Arriving late to class, especially on test dates • Persistent Tardiness • Creating excessive noise from packing up before class has ended • Dressing inappropriately as to cause other students or instructor to be distracted (i.e. wearing pajamas, indecent exposure, or offensive words on clothing) Statement of the Problem This study aims to find out the importance of teacher’s part in the disruptive behavior in the classroom. Specifically, this sought to answer the following questions: 1. What are the factors of the disruptive behavior in the classroom? 2. How does the teacher respond to the disruptive behavior in the classroom? 3. What implication can be drawn from the study conducted/ 4. What recommendation can be proposed on how teachers would discipline the student’s disruptive behavior in the classroom? Significance of the Study Lots of students now are having disruptive behavior in the classroom. Most of the time they use their cellular phones, iPods or any other electronic devices during class discussions. There are times that students have unexcused exits during class discussions like leaving to retrieve a soda or other snack items, leaving to engage in a conversation whether it is person – to – person or by phone, leaving before class is finished for any reason without prior permission from the instructor, etc. Other examples of
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