The Importance of Theory and Research in Child Development Essay

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The Importance of Theory and Research in Child Development
JoLinda Freeman
PSY104 Child and Adolescent Development
Instructor Mark Kavanaugh
April 4, 2015

The Importance of Theory and Research in Child Development In order for us to understand how a child develops we must conduct research on theories that we believe and others believe to be true. When we do understand the development of children we will be able to understand the skills and behaviors of children. This will help us to understand why they will not eat certain foods or how children of different ages react differently to certain things.
In the early 20th century many theories were put forward to help explain why and how children develop. A theorist who played a
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According to Virginia Department of Social Services (2004)
Child development is the foundation upon which early childhood practice is based. Because the psychomotor, socioemotional, cognitive, and linguistic developmental domains are inter-related, early childhood professionals in all types of programs (e.g., family child care homes, early childhood education centers) must comprehend both the processes of development and the adult’s role in supporting each child’s growth, development, and learning. (p. 1)
Scholarly researchers will form a hypothesis, and then while referring back to previous research or writing by other academics or scholars, conduct research on the hypothesis in order to make their information available to the rest of the scholars. Unlike scholarly research, anecdotal evidence is something that is experienced by the researcher and is not considered very reliable. According to Mossler (2014) “Anecdotal evidence is not a substitute for good research. Only controlled experimental studies can properly answer the question of cause and effect.” (p. 48)
Cognitive developmental theory is founded on the idea that children gain knowledge by exploring and influencing the world that is all around them. According to Mossler (2014) “After many years of observing the mental limitations of children, including his own, Piaget came to the conclusion that children of
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