The Importance of Truth in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea Essay

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The Importance of Truth in Wide Sargasso Sea

In Wide Sargasso Sea " Rhys presents a white Creole family living in a Caribbean Island (Jamaica), which is a lush and insecure world for them, after the liberation of the slaves. The husband had once been a slaveholder, the mother is a confused and crazy lady and Antoinette, the daughter, is a child in an atmosphere of fear, recrimination and bitter anger. She becomes increasingly isolated-this isolation is broken by her scheming stepbrother, who signs Antoinette's inheritance over to the naive Mr. Rochester. The book's account of Antoinette's marriage to Mr. Rochester is a study in sexual manipulation and cultural misunderstanding. There is also foreshadowing, irony, and symbolism
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He was the lowlife in his family, so he decided to claim something of his own. He married Antoinette and used sexual manipulation to control her even though he did not love her at all. Mr. Rochester makes love to Antoinette in part to gain power over her; in other words he was just using her to get her fortune and property.

Antoinette's stepbrother wanted him to marry her because no one else would. But he was doing the same thing to Antoinette because he was only marrying her for her money and not for love. Soon after Mr. Rochester started to call Antoinette "Bertha," instead of her real name, because in his mind if there was no Antoinette then he wasn't really married. So he gave her a new identity. He could do what ever he wanted whenever he pleased. He slept with Amelie (the cook) in the room beside Antoinette's room so she could hear them. He proved that he did not want to be married to her and he did not love her. It was also proven that he was just using her for her fortune and property. When he received the news that his brother and father died he moved back to England, bringing her with him and locked her away, hiring servants to care for her. Antoinette was forced to leave the home she loves for the cold misery of England, where the book reaches its shattering climax.

In Wide Sargasso Sea, there was a lot of foreshadowing. A few of the things that really caught my attention and foreshadowed what would happen through the story was the way
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