The Importance of Uk Visitor Attractions to Tourism. Essay examples

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Task 1 –Report 4 I am writing a report explaining the importance of UK visitor attractions to tourism. In my report I will be including statistics and data to support my explanation. Attracting Visitors from overseas For overseas visitors, United Kingdom is a popular destination. This is because the UK has cultural and heritage attractions that appeals to the overseas visitors. Overseas visitor attractions have to be aware of the overseas markets that are 67%, as they have to make sure that their marketing activities are attracting the overseas visitors. Top 10 visits 2008 (million) | % of all visits | Top 10 spend 2008 (£ million) | % of all spend | France 3.6 | 11.4 | USA 2223 | 13.6 | Irish Republic 3.1 |…show more content…
We are working very hard with tourism businesses across England to maintain this momentum, and to ensure that the industry can benefit from the opportunities presented by the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Torch Relay and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This is an unprecedented year – it is our job to inspire Brits that now is the time to take a holiday at home.” Supporting regeneration of areas- The Blackpool tower was reopened after it had the 10 month restoration programme. This restoration projected, was trying to encourage the families to stay longer at the resort. This meant that they had to reinvest in £20 million of the tower and the promenade. The Blackpool tower eye has a floor to ceiling glass; this is good because people can look at the coastline. Other features that were introduced at Blackpool is the 4D cinema and it also has the vibrating floor. Councillor Graham Cain, Blackpool Council's cabinet member for tourism and culture, said: "Thanks to the regeneration that has already taken place, visitor numbers have steadily been increasing with 13 million visits last year, and people seeing a new side of Blackpool How visitor attractions contribute to the UK economy- The tourism industry is very important to the UK economy as it financially represents the investment. The royal wedding had an increase of visitors to the UK and only 30% visiting the individual tourist attractions. However some venues were trying to
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