The Importance of Vaccinations for Children's Health

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Why do we have vaccinations? Is it so that vaccinations help people not get diseases and can help people get over what they have? Vaccinations are a good thing to have so that it helps to stop a virus and not get other people around you sick. Many people believe that vaccinations are good things to get. Vaccinations can save your children’s life because of all the advantages in medical science. Children all over the world can or could have been protected by many diseases and cure the diseases. Diseases that have killed children have been looked further into because no one deserves to loose a child or any one they know or related to. They come up with more and more preventions to different diseases over the years. ( Vaccinations are very safe and affective. There are many vaccines you can receive with out a doctors content, like a flu shot for example, most people get them around the start of winter to help people stay away from getting the flu through out the weather changes. Immunizations will protect family, friends and people surrounding us. People in the Unites states still get vaccinations even if they are adults or not, due to the fact that more diseases occur as time passes by. In 2010 the U.S had over two thousand cases of whooping cough reported over twenty deaths, most children younger than six months. Vaccinations can save your family time and money to get your child vaccinated starting at a young age. Some disabilities can take a wrong turn
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