Essay on The Importance of Verbal and Nonverbal Miscommunication

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Clear communication is key in life, in fact, it is essential. Communicating clearly can make the difference between telling someone verbally “I love it!” in a joyous tone when receiving a gift you enjoy or saying, “I…love” with a look of grimace, when you found out the present was a disappointment. Communication has two main factors: Verbal and Nonverbal. Verbal Communication is messages one uses to relay information to another person through words or language. This type of communication can be a face-to-face interaction or may use channels such as email or written letters to communicate a message. Nonverbal communication are messages that are not spoken but conveyed through one’s body language. Unspoken messages can include:…show more content…
After making this comment, my bother-in-law who is Mexican, just stared at me and said harshly “What? Why would you do that?” I was confused by his comment, I could not understand why he was upset with me. Apparently, Hale in Spanish is slang for drug run; needless to say I was speechless. My brother-in-law actually thought I was going to take my sons to acquire drugs. Miscommunication was definitely present during Christmas dinner, however, messages are not always verbal, and in fact 90% of communication is nonverbal. When I was in high school I saw this guy whom I never met start to wave at me on campus, not wanting to be rude I waved back. After I waved he started to mouth something I couldn’t understand and made a motion like he was tossing a football. Out loud I said “I’m sorry, what that was, I don’t understand?” The guy started to laugh and pointed to the person behind me; he was not talking to me. I was completely embarrassed. After the waving incident I make sure that should someone wave at me and I do not recognize the person that I look behind me. In addition, nonverbal miscommunication can be misinterpreted without ones knowledge. I tend to fold my arms when I sit down and talk to someone. Personally, I find the “Indian Style” arm cross quite comfortable; however, I have learned that folding my arms can cause nonverbal miscommunication. A few years back I was talking with my supervisor
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