The Importance of Vocational Education

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In 1930 the Vocational education act came into affect steered by John Marcus O’Sullivan, Minister for Education 1926-1932. From this act came the establishment of technical and vocational schools. The most common form of second level education to this point was the secondary schools which were denominational schools. The secondary school system worked in similar fashion to grammar schools, with their main focus on academic education. The Vocational act allowed for a new schooling system which had a focus on education with a practical basis. The purpose of this paper is to examine, document and appraise the Vocational education act of 1930 and how its values have evolved through to what we perceive to be secondary education in Ireland today. This paper will draw on issues of culture, and social equality as well as the wider contextual focus of the impact of the Vocational act on curricula today. Therefore I will examine the impact of Vocational education under the following headings; The enactments of the Vocational Education act of 1930, The ethos of Vocational education, syllabi and courses, The Vocational education act and the role of the Catholic Church, the Vocational act through the mid- late twentieth century and Is Vocational education evident in schooling today?. The enactments of the Vocational Education Act of 1930 The Vocational act of 1930 was the first major legislation for secondary education since the states inception in 1922. The minister for Education
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