The Importance of Voting

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Importance of Voting Introduction The importance of voting is a fundamental aspect of a democracy. The United States is a constitutional republic in which the population votes on who represents them as their leaders. The populace votes on leaders in the legislative, judicial and executive branches that serve in a plethora of different positions in the government. The people in these positions will determine things like laws that are drafted that will help to shape the nation. Some of the current issues that politicians may be deciding upon might be abortion, capital punishment, gay rights, civil rights, among others. Furthermore, many of the higher offices actually have the right to appoint various other representatives such as judges and justices. Since the representatives will make decisions that will affect nearly everyone in the country, the importance of voting on the representatives cannot be understated. Importance of Voting It can be argued that voting for a candidate hardly ever makes a difference. For example, it is rare that anyone of the elections is decided by one or two votes. Therefore, when someone votes for a candidate and that individual wins or loses by a significant margin, something in the tens of thousands or even in the millions, then voting for the candidate did not make a difference in the election. This perspective is actually likely true in most situations. It is incredibly rare that an election is ever decided by slim margin. It is

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