The Importance of Well-Written Business Reports

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The Importance of Well-Written Business Reports Introduction Some practitioners suggest that because reports are written for business executives who want them, they do not need to be concerned about holding their readers' interest. Others, though, maintain that good writing is needed in any business communication to ensure that the recipients understand what is being said and will be in a position to make decisions using this information. To determine which perspective is more accurate, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning crafting effective business reports including the importance of writing for the intended audience and the need for courtesy, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion. Review and Discussion Many experts recommend that although an impersonal "Voice of America" writing style is favored by some business executives, it is also important for writers to "write for their audience" and use less formal language and writing styles when needed (Willis, 1999). In addition, depending on the circumstances, complicated statistics should be kept to a minimum and summarized to the maximum extent possible unless otherwise requested. An anecdotal report from the field from one project leader in a healthcare organization indicated that her executives at the regional level wanted just the highlights in her monthly reports. In response, the project leader started adding "smiley" and "frowny" faces
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