The Importance of Working Equally with a Culturally Diverse Classroom

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As a future educator it’s important to understand that diversity will be seen in classrooms. As a result, it’s the educator’s role to become cultural competence, which is the ability to successfully teach students who come from cultures other than your own. Diversity can be different types of race, religions, gender, languages, customs, and culture. Teachers need to see all their students equal regardless of their diversity and culture background. This course helped shape my character and broaden my views toward other cultures. I had many memorable experiences due to taking this course.
The most valuable learning experience in the class discussions was on the discussion regarding how teachers work with American Indian, Alaska Native,
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As a future educator, I will present the wordle activity to my students because wordles will help introduce themselves to the class. This affected me because I paused and thought about what specific words described me as a person. I emphasized on the words wife, and mom because I treasure being a mother and a wife. When I completed the Bennett and Banks activity, it indicated that I was a level three out of the six stages of Ethnicity, which meant that I believed everyone is “the same” and I ignored cultural differences and emphasized similarities among cultures. This affected me because I had to reflect on my childhood memories on why I believe I was level three. I recalled that growing up, my parents taught me all people are the same and we should all get along regardless of age, color, ethnicity, and culture. I also remember that as a student I had always helped my classmates when they needed help. The readings from Cultural Competence that stood out the most was when I read the first paragraph on pg. 134 under the sub heading Isolated Students of Color. I read “ Isolated children of color experience face more stereotyping, are more visible and more vulnerable to institutional racism.” They also lack the support of the broader community and have less protection as well as more exposure to conscious and unconscious biases and racism.” This part of the text stood out the most because I believe it is very cruel
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