The Importance of Writing for Food Writer

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1 The Importance of Writing for Food Writer By Siti Zabedah Mohd Shariff 1.1 NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE The world of culinary has gone beyond cooking and garnishing and is now opening new avenues to develop the creativity of the food professionals. Food writing is one of them. Being a food writer requires more than flair of the written word and an interest in food. Thus, the food writing field needs people with a strong grasp of culinary principles and familiarity with trends in the hospitality and food service industry. Having solid writing skills is also a basic effort that would enhance this interest. So, a great food writer is someone who writes about food using ideas from his or her very soul. The piece of writing contains not…show more content…
Even so, this area of writing is still on the go for chefs and those involved in the industry. As they have the opportunity to do so, they want to know more on how writing would enhance their credibility in the profession they are involved in. To move forward, means greater effort in indulging new areas so that one would not be a boring chef. Diversify your talent and writing is one of the approaches that would help your passion for food continues that is, by telling stories about food. Your own experience can give your cookbook its winning edge. Do not think about “writing something” some day”. That time will never come, as asserted by Pamela White (2006). You can write how-to articles, interview pieces, cookware reviews, and so on. If you plan to write for local tourism guides, your best bet is to write restaurants reviews. Tourists may not know about any of the well-known restaurants or diners in the area. Make up your mind and you, students are lucky to take this food writing course because there will never be a better time! HARD NEWS AND THE SOFT NEWS Whatever we write, whether it is for the newspaper, magazines, books or even journals, the information is something new. It is new, in the sense that, it is written in a fresh manner, in a different style and approach of disseminating information or a view or a perspective that adds knowledge which is timely, accurate and clear.
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