The Importance of an Immigration Reform

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There is eleven million undocumented people living in the dark shadows of the United States. People who come to the land of the free seeking a safe haven from political and religious oppression, a better economic income, and a brighter future for their loved ones. However, when they arrive they quickly notice that the “american dream” is not easy to obtain. Currently, many believe now is the time for an immigration reform. A reform to stop the separation of millions of families and help heal our economy. From its origin the United States has been called a nation of immigrants. It is a melting pot for countless cultures, religions, and races. Our immigrant past has helped create a national character. Our country attracts the most brilliant people from all around the world from the highly educated to the hardworking immigrants. Unfortunately, due to the broken immigration system it is extremely difficult for anyone to obtain a visa or green card to enter the United States legally. The Immigration Policy Center says that most undocumented immigrants do not posses the required family relationship to apply for legal entry. However, those who do have a family relationship face years or even decades waiting for a visa. Unfortunately, only about three percent of Americans believe immigration is a top priority to be dealt with this year. Everyone must be educated about how immigration impacts our nation's deficit, the jobs created, and the future of the generations to
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