The Importance of an Initial Consultation with a Therapist

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Why Initial Consultation Important? What Factors Will an Ethical Therapist Cover at this Time? Human are complicated beings who demonstrate complex thought and behavioural patterns that consecutively give a convoluted constituent to the person and decision the take (Ewan, 2008). Nevertheless the extents to which human beings are complex varies from person to person and never are two individual people alike in any aspect, diversity is the beauty of creation (Ewan, 2008). This said the relations individuals form is chiefly founded on their individual personality types (Ewan, 2008). It is proposed that an individual is more inclined to another since they have some to offer to each other. Two people going through any therapy can never be the same (Gold, Strickler, 1993). Nevertheless the treatment rapport is conflicted since there might exist a misapprehension of power balance; it will not be until the rapport is completely established that the prospect to distinct the prejudices they hold concerning each other with be facilitated (Gold, Strickler, 1993). One might dispute in the therapy rapport that both characteristics depend on learning, knowing and understanding (Downing, 2003). Furthermore these emotional and practical components will only reach its entirety once preliminary contact has been made and the two personalities decide if they are drawn to each other (Downing, 2003). A lack of understanding in any relationship can have serious repercussions. This is
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