The Importance of the Attitudes Nurses Hold towards Their Patients

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Nurses attitude become a central topic of discussion nowadays, over the decades nurses were reflected to look after for the sick patients’ only. But, the thought of modern nursing began with the work and efforts of “FLORENCE NIGHTANGLE” who changed the meaning of nursing and pioneer a wide range of nursing degrees and specialization to serve patients’ in a better way. Sympathetic attitude of nurses is necessity for optimal care, treatments and for good coworker cooperation. A sympathetic outlook of nurses can enrich healthy healing and give a positive hope to the patients’ to recover from their disease. Speaking politely, using positive words give positive image of nurses. Sympathetic attitude of nurse’s help in patient care because, it helps in trust building relation between nurse and patient and empower patients’ to take steps towards wellness. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO 2003), 50% of patients’ do not take of their medicines as prescribed this is due to negative attitude of nurses and other Para medical staff. Providing high quality of care to patient with positive attitude is a common core value of every organization. Organization’s visible efforts are to make communication more patient-centered and effective which can bring constructive change in patients’ health. The attitudes nursing staff hold towards the patients’ means a lot in providing a new life to patients’ as; sympathetic attitude helps in trust building relation between nurse
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